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The Venetian and The Palazzo in Las Vegas Elevate Banquets and Catering With the Addition of Two New Chefs LAS VEGAS, NV (Marketwire December 10, 2010) The Venetian and The Palazzo Las Vegas are breaking the mold of the hotel banquet experience with the hiring of Executive Banquet Chef Scott Donley and Assistant Executive Banquet Chef Stefan Peroutka. The catering team at The Venetian and The Palazzo is made up of highly trained, focused and dedicated culinary professionals who produce quality menus and dining experiences without sacrificing for large quantities. Both professionally trained chefs who began their love affair with food at a very young age, Scott Donley and Stefan red bottom heels Peroutka have honed their skills in some of the replica christian louboutin finest kitchens not only in Las red bottom shoes Vegas, but worldwide. Chef Donley was introduced to his affection for ultra fresh produce by his father and went on to begin his kitchen skills by the time he was 13. An honors graduate of the Western Culinary Institute, Donley red bottom pumps has been the executive room service

multiple labels as well as their own in house brand. If shoppers can’t make it to the seven story store, there are four other locations scattered around Istanbul. Even though customers can find internationally recognizable brands such as Prada, Louis Vuitton and red bottoms Donna Karan, the store has something for every member of the red bottom boots family and the home. The store carries children’s clothes, as well as a brand for young adults named Beymen Club. Vakko Department StoreVisitors to Vakko could never imagine that the store had humble beginnings. Today it is practically an all in one buyer’s heaven with the likes of Zuhair Murad, Zac Posen and Mulberry under one roof. Buyers can shop for wedding dresses, their homes and their children. Naturally Vakko thinks of everything because not only can wealthy Istanbulites outfit themselves and their abode, but their yachts too. Vakko is a must visit louboutin replica for the serious fashionistas replica louboutin simply for Zac Posen’s line of exclusive prints and christian louboutin replica fabrics, only available in Turkey. For those who can’t afford
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