Amazing water fountain in Osaka Station City, Japan

Did you ever think of a fountain that could be used to tell the time or to display artworks? In the South Gate Building of the Osaka Station City complex in Japan, there is an amazing fountain that can display the time. This nifty fountain can also display different artworks with drops of water. This large rectangular water display was created by a Japanese firm named Koei Industry.


The folks at Osaka Station City combined a giant clock, artwork display and water fountain to produce an incredible attraction. It seems like they couldn’t decide if they should install a giant clock, water fountain or artwork, so they combined all of them in one.


This dot matrix water clock displays the time, as well as pretty graphics, using falling drops of water. The display consists of collapsing water which forms a fluid digital clock every minute. The water also forms into moving floral patterns and falling shapes between each minute.


The fountain clock works using a digitally controlled printer that outputs illuminated water droplets, creating a liquid manifestation of images stored on a computer. Flowing sheets of water act as a shimmering canvas, as the display is part waterfall and digital printer rolled into one. The water droplets are illuminated by overhead lights.


This fountain at the Osaka Station City in Japan is really an amazing fountain. Nothing can describe how mesmerizing the water fountain is unless you see them in your own eyes. I wonder if they’ll end up making HDTVs that will fit in water fountains someday.

via Planet Apex

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