Experience the Hong Kong of Yesterday (1950-60) through Fan Ho’s photography

Growing up in post-war Hong Kong, the award-winning photographer Fan Ho was fascinated by photography from an early age. He started taking photos with his Rolleiflex camera that his father gave him and was soon developing his images in the family bathtub.

His timeless photography – “abstract and humanistic”– tells the story of mid-Twentieth Century Hong Kong, and portrays its crowded marketplaces, robust street life, hidden alleys and dramatic figures through a breathtaking and innovative play with light.

Modernbook Editions and Asia One are pleased to announce their next publication, Fan Ho: A Hong Kong Memoir. This new book completes the trilogy Fan Ho began with Hong Kong Yesterday and The Living Theatre. In his previous monographs, viewers were introduced to Hong Kong during the 1950s and 1960s. Through his brilliant eye for light, composition, and his patience for the ‘decisive moment,’ Mr. Ho created striking images that continue to resonate through the decades. Fan Ho: A Hong Kong Memoir revisits this lost era with a combination of never before seen images and introduces new-montaged photographs.

Take a look at some of his photos we have handpicked for you from the Hong Kong Memoir Collection.

Fan Ho photos - Hong Kong Memoir

Fan Ho - Hong Kong Memoir series

Fan Ho photography

View more details about Fan Ho’s new publication here

You can view Fan Ho’s photography at the following exhibitions in San Francisco and Hong Kong.

San Francisco, Modernbook Gallery, Fan Ho in person for the reception November 6, 2014 exhibition up through December 2014.
Modernbook Gallery
49 Geary Street 4th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94108

Hong Kong, AO Artspace, October 31- January 31, 2014
AO: Vertical Art Space
c/o AO: The Photo Book Center
1-13/F Asia One Tower, 8 Fung Yip Street, Chai Wan, HK

Check out some more photos from Fan Ho’s Collection Hong Kong Yesterday 

Arrow 1958

02fanho_betweenshowers_1962Between showers 1962

03fanho_childhood_1959Childhood 1959

04fanho_construction_1957Construction 1957

11fanho_approaching_shadow_1954Approaching shadow 1954

12fanho_Journey_to_uncertainty_1956Journey to uncertainty 1956

13fanho_moonrise_1964Moonrise 1961

05fanho_daily_routine_1961Daily routine 1961

06fanho_evening_in_aberdeen_1958Evening in Aberdeen 1958

07fanho_in_chinese_street_1959In a Chinese street 1959

08fanho_lonely_stroll_1958Lonely stroll 1958

09fanho_misty_morn_1963Misty morn 1963

10fanho_on_the_stage_of_life_1954On the stage of life 1954

14fanho_her_study_1963Her study 1963

16fanho_w_1959W 1959

All photos © Fan Ho – courtesy of Modernbook Gallery & AO: Vertical Art Space


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