Main tricks for purchasing single-girder cranes

Single-girder cranes can carry out lifting of goods on different occasions. It is easy to use and safe. However, if you can’t buy a good single-girder crane, you can’t give it the advantage.Good price mini scissor lift table 1 ton platform lift for warehouse, Below, this article wants to popularize the purchase of single beam. Tips for cranes.

Main tricks for purchasing single-girder cranes

There are three main tricks for purchasing single-girder cranes:

1. Listening to the sound: Generally, the single-beam crane with good quality emits very little sound when starting or running, and there is no abnormal noise.

2. See if the operation is stable: the good quality single-girder crane can control the running speed through the frequency conversion during operation, and will not shake due to the large running impact.

3. Check whether the reducer leaks oil: single-girder crane with poor quality may have oil leakage during operation, which leads to certain safety hazards of the crane. Therefore, we recommend  that everyone consider three when purchasing single-girder crane. Combined drive and sealed reducer.

Hope that the above-mentioned single-beam crane purchase tips can help you buy a cost-effective, good quality crane.

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