Millennial Shunning Manufacturing jobs.

Millenials are not thinking the way our parents are thinking right now. There has been a tremendous change in the lifestyle between the people born before and after the millennium. This generational gap is having very high impact on the way things are being done right now including how the job market is being conducted. The millennial prefer a more free stress free kind of life without rules and repetitive tasks which are so boring at times.

Just this past week an article by one of the largest media houses in the world stated that the construction enterprise is booming but employees have been missing. Apparently, IT jobs also are searching out certified workers due to the  excessive demand but qualified employees are still very few. Millennial were seen to consider IT jobs  than any other manual jobs like for example factory jobs like steel pipes manufacturers in China are having a problem attracting young people into the once coveted manufacturing job. Generation X and Y would rather choose more streamlined automation Industry.

During the 1950s to 1980s, talent units that hired tens of millions of people to join the manufacturing workforce but the ample workforce does not exist right now.These organizations are going day-to-day daily market these jobs day-to-day generation Y and if they’re smart generation Z. There can also even be a few Generation X who are inclined everyday retrain. This generational would rather do other jobs rather than construction and manufacturing jobs.So organizations are making the rounds day-to-day and university profession days in hopes of enticing young people into the construction and manufacturing jobs.

What I realize about Manufacturing and Construction jobs.

The whole thing I realize about production and construction jobs all came from the guys in my own family. For Gen X manufacturing jobs are inflexible and routine. For example those working in a construction painting business, You clock in, you do the paintings, you’re taking a ten- or 15-minute break, you pass back every day paintings, take a half-hour lunch, paintings a few extra, take an afternoon smash before heading home. There is no time for yourself any longer. Weekends may not be your personal if some extra gig comes along that promises greater than everyday shift can produce. You will end up working yourself up throughout the years  and by the time you can no longer do that, you are old and never had time for yourself and develop your own liking.

The nature of construction and manufacturing job is monotonous and flexible. There is also the working time, Generation X and Y being the outgoing type would rather choose other industries to work on, media being a better option for them. With the development of machinery in the construction and manufacturing sectors, we will be having more millennial brought back to the Industry, which of course would take sometime to realize.

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