Ocean Atlas: The largest underwater sculpture ever made

Αt the beginning of October sculptor Jason Taylor de Caires dropped a new sculpture in the Atlantic Ocean, in the bay of Nassau in the Bahamas.  The underwater installation called “Ocean Atlas” is his latest work. It depicts a young local girl who, depending on the level of the tide, can peep on the water surface or sink 5 feet deep.

Ocean Atlas underwater sculpture

The work represents the largest sculpture ever made below the surface of the sea; it is 4 meters wide and weighs 60 tons.

It took the artist about a year to design and construct the sculpture using modern cutting tools, such as a CNC router, a cutting machine controlled by a computer.

Ocean Atlas, the largest underwater sculpture

Built with sustainable materials, the imposing sculpture is meant to represent a kind of artificial reef functional to the thriving marine life.

As the artist says, “Our oceans and coral reefs are currently on the verge of collapse due to numerous threats, including overfishing, habitat loss, ocean acidification, global warming and pollution. The piece symbolizes the collective responsibility that we pass on to future generations in order to avoid dangerous consequences for the environment.”

The new underwater sculpture in the Atlantic Ocean

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