What is the suitable venue and warehouse about square tube

The square tube is a square tube type, which is divided into a structural square tube, a decorative square tube, a building square tube, a mechanical square tube, etc. according to the purpose, and is widely used in engineering construction, so which is the forming process of the square tube,two kinds of welding, first forming: the welding pipe is first welded into a circle, and then mutated into a square tube.square steel tubing for sale, The advantage of this method is that it reduces the processing of the rolls and it is more convenient to change the variety. Form first. Post-welding: Square tubes are formed directly and then welded. The advantage is that the number of square tube forming frames continues to increase with the development of the product. The load on which the parts are deformed is balanced, and the disadvantage is that the use of the rolls is increased.

What is the suitable venue and warehouse about square tube

It is very important to choose the right venue and warehouse for the square tube. So what is the suitable venue and warehouse? (1) The site or warehouse where the steel pipe is to be stored shall be selected in a clean and well-drained place away from the factories and mines that generate harmful gases or dust. Weeds and all kinds of debris should be removed on the site to keep the steel pipe clean; (2) The warehouse should be selected according to geographical conditions, generally adopting ordinary closed warehouses, that is, warehouses with walls, doors and windows, and ventilation facilities; (3) The warehouse needs to pay attention to ventilation on sunny days, pay attention to close the moisture-proof in rainy days, and always maintain a suitable storage environment; (4) Do not stack together materials that are corrosive to steel pipes such as acid, alkali, salt and cement in the warehouse. Different types of steel pipes should be stacked separately to prevent confusion and prevent contact corrosion; (5) Large-sized steel, steel rails, humiliating steel plates, large-diameter steel pipes, forgings, etc. can be stacked in the open air; (6) small and medium-sized steel, wire rod, steel bars, medium caliber Steel pipes, steel wires and steel wire ropes, etc., can be stored in a well-ventilated shed, but must be placed on the underside; (7) some small steel pipes, thin steel plates, steel strips, silicon steel sheets, small-diameter or thin-walled steel pipes, various cold Rolled and cold drawn steel pipes and high-priced, corrosive metal products can be stored in storage.

In recent years, with the development of the economy, the demand for square tubes has also increased. The square tube manufacturers are in line with the requirements of the development of the times. The amount of square tube wholesale is also large 4 square tubing. The production enthusiasm of the square tube factory continued to be high, especially the large-scale square tube manufacturers’ operating rate rebounded significantly, and the pressure on the industry’s resource supply was further increased. On one side, the square tube factory has a high production enthusiasm and supply pressure continues to increase.

In the second aspect, downstream tube management demand is still slow to release. Although the macro-level has been continuously improved, the manufacturing industry has continued to improve, and the export management has reached a record high level, effectively alleviating domestic supply pressure.

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