Where the Caribbean sea meets the Atlantic ocean

The light blue, shallow waters of the Caribbean meet the deep blue Atlantic Ocean near Eleuthera Island, Bahamas. It’s an extraordinary spot with breathtaking scenery offering unique views of all hues of blue.


The famous Glass Window Bridge is an excellent observation point, and was originally a natural stone arch linking the north with the south part of Eleuthera Island. A narrow stretch of rock, just 30 meters wide, separates the dark blue water and crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean from the calm turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea.


The stone bridge had been standing there for centuries before it was destroyed by fierce hurricanes and storms, and was eventually replaced by a cement bridge. The contrasting images of huge indigo waves of the Atlantic and of the tranquil Caribbean Sea make this place unique and certainly one of the most popular attractions both for locals and tourists.


via Perierga.gr

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